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Kissane and Jeffries provide a friendly, local and reputable MOT Service for motorists in Oldbury West Midlands and surrounding areas. In the European Commission, any car registered for use on the road or any other public area has to pass some kind of mechanical and emissions test which is called different things in each country. In the UK, it is known as the MOT test, named after the old government department the Ministry of Transport.

The MOT test has to be performed on new cars for the first time after three years and then annually after that. The primary function of the test is a road safety measure to ensure cars and other light vehicles over three years old comply with key road-worthiness and environmental requirements.

However, the test is not a substitute for proper and regular servicing. A service follows far more detailed guidelines set out by the vehicle manufacturer and aims to keep your car in a peak condition for as long as possible. Similarly, passing the MOT does not automatically mean your car will remain safe for the following 12 months – only that it meets the minimum safety levels required by law at that time.

Taking the Test

The MOT test can be taken up to a month before its ultimate renewal date, whilst still preserving the original date. For example, if your car takes the MOT on 30th June you have from the 30th May the following year to book your next MOT whilst keeping the 30th June as the renewal date.

The MOT for classes 3,4,5 and 7 motor vehicles is carried out according to the criteria set in the latest edition of the MOT instruction manual. If your vehicle passes the MOT then you will be issued with a VT20 pass certificate, however if it fails the test you will be issued with a VT30 Refusal of a Test Certificate.

If your car fails the test but the current MOT is still valid, then you can still drive the vehicle away without committing the offence of driving a car without a valid MOT. However, it is an offence to drive a vehicle in an unroadworthy condition or with a known defect so the test cannot be ignored. Likewise, if caught, you could also be fined up to £2500, be banned from driving and obtain three penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Understanding the result

In 2018, the way in which MOT results were given to drivers changed. Now the results categorise defects into 5 types:

  • Dangerous,
  • Major,
  • Minor,
  • Advisory,
  • Pass

In terms of passing the test, dangerous and major defects will result in a fail, minor, advisory and pass will result in an overall pass for the test. The main difference between dangerous and major defects is a car must not be driven anywhere with a dangerous defect, however a major one can be driven to be taken to be repaired but should be done so immediately.

Minor defects should be repaired as soon as possible, whilst advisory points are things you should keep an eye on and repair if they get any worse.

The MOT test certificate has changed design in order to reflect these changes.

For motorists in Oldbury, Kissane and Jeffries offer discounts for MOT’s and services combined so call us for more information but please book your MOT early – generally a week in advance will get you your preferred appointment.

For more information on the MOT test or to find out if your vehicle still has a valid MOT, check the DVSA website here: though you will need the reg number and the MOT test number from the most recent test. If you don’t have these however, you can use the document reference number from the vehicle registration document (V5C). This check will confirm the date and mileage of the last test and the expiry date, as well as details of previous tests going back to 2005.

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How to find us for your MOT in Oldbury

From the centre of Oldbury, next to the Sainsburys and Sandwell Council House, head down Halesowen Street and straight through the round about onto the A4034. At Birchley Island take the third exit to keep on the A4034. Keep going straight down the A4034/Oldbury Road until you see The New Inn pub at the traffic light junction, here turn left at the lights and drive down Station Road, where you will find us on the left hand side. The drive should take around 10 minutes to complete.