MOT Online Booking

An online MOT booking is the quickest way to book your MOT. An MOT must be performed on a car at the end of it’s third year of use, and every year thereafter. Fill in our form below to book your MOT online.

Simply choose a date and time and enter your vehicle registration number to book.

Any car registered for use on the road in the UK must pass an MOT. In the UK cars must be tested at the end of the third year and every year after (if the car is imported, this time is measured from the date of manufacture).


The MOT scheme is a road safety measure to ensure that cars and other light vehicles, private buses and motorbikes over three years old are checked yearly to ensure they are roadworthy and meet environmental requirements.


You can book your MOT online up to a month before the expiry date and preserve the date of the previous test – effectively gaining up to an extra month on your MOT. The form above can be used for Class IV and Class VII vehicles (class 4 being cars, taxis, light vans and small minibuses and Class VII for goods vehicles over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg DGW).


You can then choose a date and time for your MOT. We will also need some basic information on your vehicle which you can enter yourself or use the registration number lookup. Then simply fill in the form with your contact information and bring your vehicle for the test.