MOT Dudley

Kissane and Jeffries are a long established rescue and Recovery Company for motorists in Dudley and the surrounding area. They are also an established MOT testing and service station for drivers in the Dudley area.

In the UK, all cars which are registered for use on the road must pass a mechanical and emissions test, which is known as the MOT or Ministry Of Transport Test. Cars must be tested for the first time after three years, or if the vehicle has been imported, measured from the date of manufacture and every year thereafter.

The MOT’s primary function is a road safety measure by checking all cars and other light vehicles, private buses and motorcycles meet a minimum legal standard of safety. However, it is important to note the MOT test is not a substitute for proper and regular servicing and maintenance of a vehicle and neither does passing the test mean your vehicle is guaranteed to remain safe and roadworthy for the next 12 months.

The earliest you can take your car for its MOT is up to a month before it’s final renewal date and if you do this you can preserve the existing date – in effect giving you up to an extra month on your next MOT. If the vehicle fails the test and still has a valid MOT, then the expiry of the old MOT still stands and if you collect the vehicle and drive it away you won’t be committing the specific offence of driving a car without a valid MOT. However, if it has failed its test then it is highly likely to be an unroadworthy vehicle which is illegal to drive. Therefore, the test result can’t just simply be ignored until the old MOT expires. Furthermore, in the event of an accident you may find your insurance cover is invalid and you could be fined up to £2500, be banned from driving and obtain three penalty points.

The MOT test for vehicle classes 3, 4, 5 and 7 will be carried out in accordance with the criteria set out in the latest edition of the MOT Inspection Manual. However, the way the MOT test defines defects changed in May 2018 as defects are now defined in three categories – dangerous, major and minor. Dangerous and major faults will both result in test failure but minor defects will still result in a pass but should be repaired. Advisory items are still included to identify minor defects which could become more serious in the future. If your vehicle passes the test you will still be issued with a VT20 Pass certificate and if it fails you will get a VT30 Refusal of an MOT certificate but the layout of these have changed to reflect the new laws.

For motorists in Dudley and surrounding areas, Kissane and Jeffries offer great discounts for MOT’s and Services when booked together, but please book early to avoid disappointment. If you are a motorist from Dudley and would like to find out more about our MOT and Serving options, or simply to find out if your vehicle has a current valid MOT, you can check it out by clicking on the link You can also view our listing as an approved MOT test station for motorists in Dudley here: