Car Recovery Oldbury

For motorists in Oldbury West Midlands, Kissane & Jeffries offer an extensive range of equipment and recovery vehicles to assist you. We can provide quotes for most instances over the phone. More complex recoveries may require an incident and location inspection first. We employ the latest in computer technology right at the heart of control operations for our 24hr Breakdown and Recovery assistance. This ensures fast and effective dispatching of all our patrol and recovery vehicles meaning you get the assistance you need in the shortest time possible.

Our control room includes direct computer links to all major rescue organisations. We operate satellite navigation and a full electronic job dispatch system to ensure the correct details are passed to our technicians and drivers. Vehicle tracking allows to us to see exactly how far our vehicles are from your location.

Competitive quotes over the phone

Accurate location (using satellite technology)

24 Hour assistance

Specialist equipment

Direct computer links to major organisations

Competitive pricing

Equipped to cope with demanding environments

Friendly, helpful staff

We can offer our services to you whether you want your vehicle moved just a mile or anywhere in the UK all at very competitive pricing, we also have specialist equipment available for the most demanding tasks so if your vehicle is without wheels or is bogged down in mud – we can help.

Road traffic collisions are an everyday occurrence so if the unfortunate happens and you are involved in an incident we may be able to recover your vehicle at no cost to yourself if you are insured comprehensive.

We can liaise directly with your insurance company to cover any costs involved so you don’t have to find the funds at a time when you have other things on your mind, please contact us to find out more about this service and keep our telephone number with you at all times in case the worst should happen, at least you know you will not have to worry about covering the cost of the recovery.