Is Out Of Date Tyre Sealant An MOT Failure?

As a car owner, you may have used tyre sealant at some point in the past to temporarily seal punctures or air leaks but you may be wondering if having out of date tyre sealant or using it can fail an MOT. In this blog post we will look at this concern and shed light on the regulations surrounding tyre sealants and their impact on the MOT test. Understanding the implications of using expired tyre sealant will help you ensure compliance and roadworthiness of your vehicle.

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The Role of Tyre Sealant and MOT Tests

Tyre sealant is a product designed to temporarily seal punctures and prevent air leaks in tyres. It can be a convenient solution to get you back on the road quickly in case of a minor puncture. However, during an MOT test, the focus is on verifying the safety, roadworthiness, and compliance of various components of your vehicle, including the tyres.

Out-of-Date Tyre Sealant and MOT Test Results

  1. Legal Considerations: Using expired tyre sealant may not directly result in an MOT test failure, as the regulations do not specifically address the issue of outdated sealant. However, it is crucial to note that using any product beyond its expiration date may raise concerns regarding its effectiveness and potential impact on tyre safety and tyres which are unsafe will result in an MOT failure.
  2. Tyre Condition Assessment: During an MOT test, the condition of your tyres is thoroughly inspected. While tyre sealant itself may not be a determining factor for test failure, the tester will closely examine the overall condition of your tyres. If the sealant has deteriorated or caused any adverse effects on the tyre, such as bulges, damage, or excessive wear, it can result in an MOT test failure.

Best Practices and Recommendations

  1. Check Expiration Dates: To ensure the safety and effectiveness of tyre sealant, it is important to regularly check its expiration date. Using sealant that has expired is not recommended, as it may not provide the desired temporary repair in case of a puncture. It is advisable to replace expired sealant with a fresh and properly dated product in this circumstance.
  2. Regular Tyre Maintenance: Instead of relying solely on tyre sealant, it is crucial to maintain your tyres properly. Regularly inspect them for any signs of wear, damage, or improper inflation. Follow recommended tyre maintenance practices, such as checking tyre pressure, tyre tread, rotating tyres, and replacing them when necessary. This will contribute to the overall safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle.


While the use of out-of-date tyre sealant may not lead to an immediate MOT test failure, it is essential to prioritize safety and compliance. Tyre condition and maintenance play key roles in ensuring the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Checking the expiration dates of tyre sealant and keeping your tyres in good condition through regular maintenance are vital steps to ensure optimal safety. By following these practices, you can maintain compliance with MOT regulations and enjoy a safe driving experience on the roads of the West Midlands.

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